Ways to Keep Your Cool at a Summer Wedding


Wedding season is in full swing and coupled with the recent heat wave we’ve been having we are here to ensure your big day isn’t a meltdown.

There are a few simple steps that you can factor in when planning your dream wedding during the Summer months that’ll make you and your guests a whole lot more comfortable when the temperatures soar. Never loose your cool and take note of our advice:


This sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many places don’t offer an outdoor space. Here at The Square we are more than equipped in this area with a large secluded terrace that caters for 80 people seated and 200 standing. During the Summer, al fresco dining is very popular and we have a range of outdoor options for eating, drinking and soaking up the sun! From BBQs and hog roasts to seasonal cocktails and chilled white wine your wedding will be sprinkled in summery charm.

Our Lower Deck bar and party area also has air con to make sure you can dance until the wee hours without breaking a sweat…

summer wedding


This might sound like a joke – it is a wedding after all! However, the range and presentation of drinks flowing on your special day is a critical factor in you and your guests enjoyment. Nobody wants a warm white wine for example or a G&T without ice and lime! At The Square we have a bar stocked with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks – from the everyday, to the exotic – ensure your thirst is quenched in the heat and you always have something cool in hand…


Without trying to sound like your parents (sorry!) it is very important to feel comfortable in the outfit you choose to wear on your big day. Of course, it has to look show-stopping too but often the clothes you look best in are those you wear effortlessly – and in the summer, clothes that allow you to move and your skin to breathe are always going to come out on top. There are lots of fantastic bridal wear shops in Bristol and at The Square we are more than happy to recommend places to start when shopping for your special day.


You might want to be fashionably late but the reality of running late in the heat is often much less desirable and includes being flustered and flushed in the face – probably not the look you’re going for when a wedding photographer is about. We recommend you arrive a little ahead of schedule to allow time to get into place and take a few deep breaths before walking down the isle..not least because it’ll stop your soon-to-be-spouse sweating about whether or not you are going to show up! Nobody wants extra stress, especially on a hot day when you’re about to say ‘I do’.

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The last thing you want during your sunny summer wedding is to be running around sorting out your guests and herding people into the next areas, or putting out last minute seating plans whilst trying to find somebody to ask why the music has stopped playing. This is not your responsibility on your special day – here at The Square we run through your day meticulously in the planning stages so that when the real thing comes around you can relax and enjoy every moment of it. We’ll sweat the small details (that’ll already be organised and in place) so you don’t have to.

At The Square we are having a Summer Wedding Fair that you can attend in order to meet different suppliers that will be showcasing everything from cakes and wedding favours to jewellery, dresses and wedding photography. This is the perfect event to get your creative juices flowing and potentially find services that you can use on your special day.


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