The Square Gallery

The Square Club is opening our complimentary Art Gallery to the Bristol public. Based in the heart of Clifton, we are proud to showcase the work of local artists on a regular basis. The Square has been graced by some fantastic art over the years and we now welcome people to come in and see what we have to display at any time.

Current Show : Angie Kenber

We currently have a fantastic show on display from Bristol based artist, Angie Kenber, her vibrant abstract artwork look especially amazing in our venue at this time of year, so come and see her artwork. Everything on display is for sale 

Artist Profile | Angie Kenber

Art exhibition angie kenber
Angie Kenber with her pieces at The Square Club

Angie has exhibited her work across the UK, featuring in galleries in London, Cornwall and the Cotswolds. Previously Angie was represented by Innocent Fine Art until its closure and now displays her work in the Flux Gallery on Park Street, the RWA shop and Iroka Design outside St Ives.  Her creative ethic is refreshing, every painting is driven by a ‘feel good’ mentality. This is clearly expressed in her particularly bold colour palette and playful use of combinations in terms of hue, shape, texture and composition.  Angie has revealed that her work is inspired by her personal life experiences, capturing her excitement and joy in life, yet grounded in contemplative spirituality. Several testimonials have described the paintings as ‘joyful’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘inspiring’. For that reason, the Square Club has chosen Angies Art to surround our members, creating an uplifting atmosphere for all.