Private Members Club In Bristol

The Square is a private members club in Bristol, open to Members and invited guests. To apply for membership, read on…

The  Square  was  founded  in  1999  as  a Private  Members  Club  in  Bristol  for  the  creative industries  encompassing  arts,  media  and  music.  Today  it  thrives  on  the  same  ethos  and our members enjoy a range of personal and professional benefits.


To  find  more  about  membership  click  here, and  if  you  are  interested  in  joining  then please  fill  in  our  online  form  and  we  will  review  your  application.  We  look  forward  to hearing from you.


Members can also upgrade their membership to include access to Square Works; a unique workspace for individuals and businesses in an exceptional location, with unrivalled services, brought to you by the Square. To find out more visit the Square Works website.


Application and Billing Terms & Conditions

Further Membership Information 

With all Membership enquiries, please contact our Membership Manager:

Sophie Yardley

0117 921 0455



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