Our Top 10 Tips to Achieve your Dream Day!

Brides and grooms to be – listen up! We’ve been speaking to our very own Wedding Co-ordinator Stephanie Harrison to find out her top tips on how to make your special day as stress free and enjoyable as possible. With year’s of experience running a wedding venue in Bristol we understand your special occasion can be a very daunting task to organise but follow our advice and your wedding will fall into place very nicely.
1. Take your time:

Don’t rush into making decision, plan in advance. Make yourself a realistic schedule with targets, so you can cross off activities as you go along. A great start is to look at what your prospective venue offers as wedding packages so you can get an idea of cost before you start!

2. Don’t get caught up on perfection:

People can have really high expectations for their wedding day and dreaming of what it will be like – instead, just focus on what will make you and your partner happy and meet in the middle. Some of the best weddings in Bristol are unique, with the personalities of the couple shining through, everything else falls in to place.

3. Try and avoid getting too stressed:

Although it may seem impossible at times your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life: a day full of happiness! So…it’s important to not let things get on top of you and here at the Square we can help make your wedding planning a less daunting experience.

4. Prioritise and be flexible:

Try and not be uptight about everything – if you can’t get something you want, have a look a different options. It’s important to be open minded. Talk to your wedding venue in Bristol  about your ideas for the day.

5. Be a team:

Planning a wedding can be a very hectic experience with family and friends sticking their oar in suggesting their own ideas. So try to not lose sight on what you both want – communication is key!

6. Do one thing at a time:

Enjoy being engaged and don’t worry about getting everything sorted straight away. Once you select a date and a place then everything will start falling into place. It’s a good idea to start with a wedding package which can be tailored, but it’s a good starting point to get an idea of your budget. Are you looking for a civil wedding venue or just a wedding reception venue?

7. Stop pleasing everyone:

Remember this day is about sharing your love. It’s what you want, and everyone will adjust to what you and your partner want.

8. Make Wedding appointments fun:

Meet the wedding planner, enjoy your time visiting the venue, taste the champagne and sample the delicious food!

9. Keep the big picture in mind:

Most importantly – keep reminding yourself why you’re getting married. It’s a special day and it need not to be a stressful experience. It’s a huge celebration so enjoy everything!

10. Choose a Fantastic Venue:

The Square is not just stylish and elegant but also a remarkably romantic venue for a ceremony or reception party. Steph, our in-house wedding Co-ordinator would love to show you around and have a chat about your big day. Book our wedding venue in Bristol now.

To arrange a hassle-free, no obligation show around call Steph on 0117 9210455 or email stephanie.harrison@thesquareclub.com

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