Bristol is brimming with great things to do and see – and lots of them do not cost a penny! Below are our TOP THREE recommendations for free activities in Bristol that invite you to enjoy the sunshine without feeling the pull on your purse strings…


There are lots of beautiful parks in Bristol that are perfect for spending the day in the sun, for free! To name a few we suggest checking out Brandon Hill in Clifton for the stunning views, Victoria Park in Bedminster for the table tennis and St. Andrews Park for a more relaxed, festival atmosphere. These parks also have playgrounds in them if you are looking for family friendly entertainment.

free activities in Bristol


This scenic cycle path from Bristol to Bath is the perfect activity for when the sun is out. If you don’t have your own bike you can hire from a number of places in Bristol and this healthy option means you get to see two cities in a day whilst being eco-friendly and avoiding the traffic. The cycle path is fairly flat and (depending on your cycling speed) takes around 1h30.

free activities in Bristol


There are lots of stunning wild swimming sites in and around Bristol. Swimming outdoors is not only free but also very invigorating and lots of fun! Our favourite local spot is Claverton Weir. This 100m long weir is in the wonderful valley of the Avon – it’s surrounded by meadows, has long deep water stretches alongside shallow paddling and there are play areas under the weir near the bank.

free activities in Bristol




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