5 Life Hacks To Make You More Productive

We all strive to be the most productive versions of ourselves but everyone needs a little help and direction in accomplishing this sometimes. As we’re often reminded by the internet: Beyoncé has the same 24 hours in her day that we do. Great. So why can’t we get as much done? As The Square offers flexible work space in Bristol, we’ve asked around and researched for clues on easy ways to be more productive – and below are some of the top tips we found:


This may sound simple but if you group together similar tasks you’re more likely to get them all done, in less time. Take paying your bills for example. If you read your meter and pay your electricity in the morning with the intention of doing perhaps your water after lunch and then sorting your new rent scheme in the evening then you’re making more work for yourself. File your bills together as and when they come in, then note down what needs doing and set aside a morning to deal with them all in one go. Much simpler!


We are big advocates of ‘To Do’ lists. For a start, they’re great for unclogging your brain as they extract tasks from your mind and onto your computer/ a workbook so you don’t have to remember so much. Secondly, they give your tasks structure because it’s a lot easier to prioritise when what needs to be done is all laid out in front of you. Lastly, we advise writing your ‘To Do’ list the night before so you are ready to go in the morning. We also have to mention how great it feels to cross tasks off ‘To Do’ lists once they’re complete – definitely a reason to pat yourself on the back.

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Eating and drinking properly is essential for our bodies to function and it’s often even more important to be mindful of this when you are especially busy. Although fast food and grabbing lunch on the go might give the illusion of saving time – in the long run it is more important to choose slow energy releasing foods that’ll keep you going throughout the day and not give you sugar highs and lows. Making sure you take a break for lunch away from your desk is also beneficial and if possible some lunch time exercise is also advised in order to boost your energy levels for the rest of the day.

At The Square we offer an Express Lunch menu and are situated right next to Brandon Hill in Clifton, Bristol – so you can enjoy lunch then have a stroll and some fresh air before heading back to the office.


A tidy working environment is often conducive to a clear mind; which is essential when keeping calm under pressure at work and performing your best. Tidying is also a good break for your eyes away from a phone or computer screen and it’s always satisfying to see the results.

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Are you checking your Facebook or Twitter updates every 5 minutes on your phone? Has the Pokémon Go phenomenon got you addicted? Is your Whatsapp group chat always vibrating in your pocket? If the answer is yes then you are most likely being less productive than you could be. Deinstalling apps from your phone is a good way to disable temptations and get more done. Your friend’s latest status update, or that photo of your sister’s lunch is unlikely to secure you that business deal so step away from the apps that are causing you to procrastinate and save them for the commute home instead (note: we actually recommend a good book when commuting but that’s a whole other blog post).


We hope these are helpful and that one or even a couple of our above suggestions might help you get that little bit more done! If you’re looking for flexible work space in Bristol then get in touch about becoming a member of our creative community here at The Square – click here for more details.

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