Top 5 Songs To Avoid Playing At Your Wedding

So, you’re getting married – congratulations! Now it’s time to start planning your bespoke wedding and making all those decisions that go with organising such a special event. What to wear? Will there be a formal sit down meal or a laid back BBQ? How many bridesmaids should you have? Should you invite Great Uncle Barry to the ceremony AND the reception? The list goes on…

Luckily we’re here to take one stress off your mind: bad music choices. People often leave wedding music until the last minute and that can either work out alright or can spell disaster. Music is an essential source of ambiance so read on for our top 5 not-to-play-at-your-wedding bangers:


Although this is a really great tune (and we’re big Talking Heads fans) we advice you stay away from playing this at your wedding. The title sums up why we feel this but the lyrics ‘run, run, run, run away’ in the chorus add fuel to the fire and probably don’t give out the right message to your loved one and guests.


Again, this is nothing against Kelis – she’s an artist we really like. This song however does not scream wedding material – although there is a lot of screaming in it. Celebrating love alongside the lyrics ‘I hate you so much right now’ do not go hand in hand. We advise you stay clear of this one.


With overtones about cheating, getting caught and then claiming ”it wasn’t me” – we don’t think this song belongs at a wedding. We admit it’s very catchy and might get a few people onto the dance floor but just don’t do it. You can thank us afterwards.


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The ultimate break-up song; Sinead makes us well up every time. So good in general but so bad at a wedding. This isn’t the time to think about love lost and heartbreak, duh.


We’re not including a playback for this one for the same reason we don’t think you should play it at your wedding i.e it’s very rude. We don’t like to appear prudish but are pretty sure you don’t want to be standing next to your granny when this comes on. If there are children at the wedding there may also be some awkward questions to answer after this. Google it if you don’t know what we’re talking about.


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