Circus Themed Costume Ideas

Already dubbed by Bristol Post as one of the ”best New Year’s eve parties which are already taking bookings” we are full steam ahead planning one of the biggest and best nights of the year! Our New Year’s Eve party Bristol tickets are on sale now – AVAILABLE HERE – for this one-off event that promises magic and mayhem themed ‘A Night at the Circus’; think acrobats, fire breathers, free bar, food and live music all night long. To go with the theme our dress code is black tie with a circus twist – lots of vintage glam and carny get-ups! Read on for our New Year’s eve costume ideas to give you some inspiration:

New Year’s Eve Costume Idea No. 1 – Wigs and Headdresses



A sure-fire way to look the part for our New Year’s Eve circus themed fancy dress bonanza is to wear a wig and / or a headdress. These additions instantly scream party, decadence and silliness – all things we condone is large quantities on NYE!

New Year’s Eve Costume Idea No. 2 – Make-Up and Props


Make-up and props can be the difference between a good costume and a great costume. The right make-up not only makes you look, but also feel the part. For circus make-up think heavy on the eyes, cheeks and lips – this is one night where less definitely isn’t more!

YouTube is also a boundless fountain of helpful make-up tutorials – offering you tried and tested advice to ensure your look is stand-out for all the right reasons. If this seems a little complicated you can always fall back on a classy clown look which is also in keeping with our theme and is guaranteed to be well received.

New Year’s Eve Costume Idea No. 3 – Clothing


The possibilities for clothing on this theme are endless so interpret black tie with a circus twist how you wish – and most importantly have fun with it! We got the follow inspiration (above) from Pinterest – from lions, to lion tamers and tightrope walker costumes. There is also scope to have a rummage around your local charity shops, vintage markets and fancy dress stores. We recommend Clifton Hill Period Costume and Textiles as a local treasure trove of authentic fancy dress. Topshop has plenty of fantastic party dress options  and for gents, you can’t go wrong with a classic tux.



New Year’s Eve Costume Idea No.4 – Accessories



Even if you decide to go for a classic tux or LBD, accessories can make all the difference in adding stress-free, high-impact circus twist to your outfit. We’re thinking masks, feathers, beads, bright colours and a splash of retro glamour. One of our favourite masks shops is London’s Venetian Mask Shop – but a great local option is Chaplins Fancy Dress at the bottom of Park Street. They also stock hats, wigs, feather boas and a further range of carnivalesque accessories.

New Year’s Eve Costume Idea No. 5 – RELAX



The whole point of NYE is to let your hair down, enjoy yourself and have fun! If you do choose to go for fancy dress, your New Year’s Eve costume should be an extension of this – not a source of stress. If in doubt throw on your best suit / dress – tweak it with a few special details: ribbons you have lying around the house, raid the kids dressing up box for some sequins and most importantly don’t forget your dancing shoes!

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