5 Festive Disasters To Avoid…in November

It is a truth universally acknowledged that once Halloween and Bonfire Night are safely dealt with, it is immediately time for Christmas. While it’s tempting to go into festive denial until December actually arrives, trying to cram all your seasonal planning into the space of Advent can only end badly… Avoid the disasters while you can:

#1 – The Work Do

The Disaster:
“So where did you book for our company Christmas meal?” your boss asks, appearing over the top of your cubicle, and while he grins at you wearing his novelty light-up reindeer jumper, you start to get a terrible sinking feeling. Cut to a week later and your entire department is sitting in a grubby pub eating soggy Yorkshires, and you’re wondering whether or not you will start the new year with a job.

Disaster Averted:
From our years of party planning experience, we have three bits of key advice: #1 – book early, #2 – book early, and #3 – book early. You can guarantee you’re not the only person in Bristol tasked with booking a top notch office Christmas party and the most sought-after dates and sitting times will be snapped up quickly. Enquire early to get your pick of the venues, delicious food, and happy colleagues.


#2 – The Festive Deadlines

The Disaster:
‘tis the night before Christmas, and all though the house, you’re leaving a trail of wrapping paper and colourful language as you try to cram your relatives’ presents into whatever envelopes and boxes you can find. The next day, having queued for a small eternity in the Post Office, the woman behind the counter tells you that you’ve missed the last posting date.

The Disaster Averted:
Just so you can get started early, here are the Christmas posting dates for December 2016. Don’t say we don’t spoil you project management free.


#3 – The NYE existential crisis

The Disaster:
It’s NYE. You’re sitting at home alone with your cat who hates fireworks, you panic about the new year, and your jaw is glued together with the remains of the Quality Street. All your friends are at glamorous, ticketed NYE parties and you missed the boat, so you go to bed at 12.05am wearing the slipper socks you got from your nan, while your cat nervously shreds most of the soft furnishings.

The Disaster Averted:

Step 1: Buy a ticket HERE to the best New Year’s Eve Party in Bristol (that’s what Metro called it, and they weren’t wrong). Live music, excellent performers, themed menu, nice people, no Quality Street.

Step 2: Here is where you can leave your cat.


#4 – The Festive Wardrobe Malfunction

The Disaster:
Your turn up at your friend’s Christmas party. Everyone is wearing nice, tasteful, vaguely sparkly things. Suddenly, your snowman jumper in extra-fluffy white polyester, complete with comedy padding and a ‘press me, I sing!’ button doesn’t quite cut the mustard. You begin to feel uncomfortable. By the end of the night, you are a sweaty, unhappy mess that is neither Frosty nor festive.

The Disaster Averted:
Here, here, here and here are some suitably Christmassy accessories which won’t turn you into the Westcountry’s sweatiest, sartorially challenged snowman.


#5 – The Culinary Mishap

The Disaster:
It is 9am on Christmas Day. You are attempting to defrost the turkey in the bath whilst your relatives rearrange all your furniture and torment the nervous cat. Up to your elbows in giblets and tepid water, you hear the commotion downstairs and remember that you love your family, but not when they are all in your house, at Christmas.

The Disaster Averted
1. Keep Christmas Day strictly for your nearest and dearest
2. Book your meal at someone else’s venue in Advent or early January, and get someone else to make the food. (Our delicious Christmas menu is expertly cooked and there is no mountain of washing up at the end.)
3. Plan your Christmas party in Bristol so everyone can travel in easily – and the public transport means you don’t have to drive. Cocktails all round!

Happy pre-Christmas planning to one and all!


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