If you are anything like us then decorating for Christmas is a must as soon as December hits. It can be quite time consuming though (not to mention expensive!) and so we have a few tips on the foolproof ways to decorate for Christmas this festive season.

Go crazy with the fairy lights!

We know that fairy lights aren’t necessarily a Christmas decoration and you can use them all year round (as we do!) but there’s nothing like overloading on lighting to signify that it’s time to overindulge in mince pies and mulled wine.


Throw in a Christmas Wreath. 

One way to show your Christmas spirit to the outside world is a simple Christmas wreath. What we particularly like about this option is that there is minimal effort required and everyone will believe you are fully Christmassed to the max, even if this is not actually the case.


Be traditional – get a Christmas tree!

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of fir tree. Of course they may also be associated with a very messy floor as most of the needles fall off, but we think it’s worth the extra mess. Decorating a tree can often be most of the fun – especially when Christmas songs and a decent amount of eggnog are involved!


Add a poinsettia into the mix.

If a tree is a bit too much to handle but you fancy some greenery then a poinsettia may be the way to go! It is the ultimate Christmas plant and they only ever seem to appear in the shops in late November. It wouldn’t be Christmas at our Grandparents unless there was a poinsettia or two and there really is something about their red leaves that add that little bit extra to Christmas.


Buy a couple of simple decorations. 

Sometimes we don’t have the time, space, or money to go mad with the decorations and so a simple Christmas ornament may be all you need to add a little sparkle to your day. This is definitely our favourite method for decorating at work as desk-top decorations are not only cute but also act as a great conversation starter that’s not an observation on the colder weather.


Once your decorations are up its truly time to celebrate so wrap up in a blanket, watch a Christmas film and admire all your handiwork. If you can’t treat yourself at Christmas then when can you!

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