1) Try to make realistic resolutions.

You probably won’t start going to the gym every day and eating nothing but kale and pure protein but you might be able to go once a week and try and eat a few more greens. Building achievable new routines into your current lifestyle will help get you started into a new lifestyle.

2) Only set one resolution…

and break it down into manageable steps. It doesn’t need to happen all at once. If you wanted to go vegetarian maybe try eating one less meaty meal a week and work your way up to it. That way you will have mastered some great veggie recipes and you won’t notice the difference as much.

3) Think about what sticking to this resolution will do for you…

and how it will positively impact your life. For example, if your goal is to read more then think about what you actually enjoy about reading and then find books that you love instead of setting yourself a crazy target like reading 100 books a year.

4) Give yourself a reward for hitting or following your resolution.

Why not come out for a delicious meal with a friend at the Square Kitchen to reward yourself. We have lots of healthy and delicious options available and 50% Off mains this January, so if one of your resolutions is to save money, we have got you covered.

5) Start a bullet journal…

to help you creatively keep track of your goals. There are loads of amazing videos on YouTube and Instagrams with ideas for how to design them.

6) If you’re trying to cut down on alcohol…

take the time to find a drink that you genuinely enjoy to replace it. At the Square, we have a fabulous selection of mocktails such as our fabulous passion fruit mojito and French martini. Come have a drink in our prohibition style bar for members.

7) Join a club or a group of people trying to do the same thing.

If you want to start running more then why not join a group of people who will help motivate you to stick to your goal and make it more enjoyable! You’ll meet new people and be able to develop a fun hobby.


8) Change up your workspace:

if you work from home and are struggling to be as productive as you desire then why not join the Square Club as a private member. You can work from the club during the day and attend our many events designed to help self-employed and creative people in the evening. Come along to our monthly YENA (Young aspiring entrepreneurs & ambitious professionals) meeting or talks by our members sharing their business knowledge and professional skills.

9) Accept that you might slip up along the way…

and don’t take it as a failure. Remember why you wanted to keep this resolution and look back over the plan you made in your bullet journal.

10) Make a resolution that will make you happy!

It might be to eat more cake, dance more or be easier on yourself.

Good luck with sticking to your resolutions and we hope you have a fantastic 2019!

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