5 Steps to achieve a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Burn out is the worst but we’re human, time and energy are limited resources. As a Private Members’ club for creatives, we home a community of self-made hustlers. We get it, especially when you’re your own boss savouring every minute to better your business. Work > Life becomes addictive but everyone needs to unplug. So in light of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve written a little guide to achieve that balance between work and life.




1. There’s no PERFECT balance

Firstly, don’t stress yourself over this. Work and Life suggests a simple 50/50 split effort when in reality they constantly overlap, especially in the entrepreneurial world. ‘Life’ isn’t a sole entity either, take time to break it apart. Be fluid with your prioritisation of the 7 dimensions in life. This includes intellectual, occupational, social, physical, environmental, emotional and spiritual wellness. They all deserve a margin in your day and this post is here to help you navigate a clear balance between them all. 

Here’s a simple diagram to consider next time you’re torn between going a walk, having a cheeky glass of wine or refreshing that mailbox. 




2. Time Control

Just the word ‘Time’ triggers the British Basket Case in us.  Learning how to control or even accept time should be taught as a universal essential. The biggest obstacle in organising time is our perception of it.  Time control is also subjective to each person, you may have the responsibilities of a parent or a student. It’s difficult to summarise in a small paragraph exactly how to strategically take control. However, we recommend attending an interactive workshop where an expert can make something so daunting, simple to you.

Luckily Fiverr are teaming up with The Square Club to hold a time management workshop with Business Coach/AG World Champion Triathlete/ Entrepreneur/ ed Aerospace engineer/Reiki Practitioner/TEDx Speaker/ Plant-based philanthropist, Kate Strong, (Wonder Woman).  Evidently the master of time and her 7 dimensions, she’s here to coach us on how to have a healthy relationship with time.

Tickets are FREE, learn quick and effective tools for management on Thursday 30th May.






3. Find your ‘Eureka!’ Environment

Where do you have lightbulb moments? The shower? On a walk? Group discussions?…. or in the Office?

Escapism breeds creativity, everyone needs a break from working. Do you think Bob Dylan could compose whilst weeding through emails, checking his Instagram followers, ordering Ubers and reading tweets about Brexit? Doubtful. If you’re feeling bogged down with work or uninspired, take some time out and be present. In this digital age, our phones are our left arm but overuse hinders all sorts, such as our relationships and quality of sleep. 

Go to your safe space, socialise with friends, eat a nice meal without a phone in hand and your brain will be rejuvenated. An excellent app to positively force that phone down is called Flora. Gradually plant real trees through this screen time limiter and share this goal with friends. It’s a self-motivated and fun way to be present. 






4. ‘Workplace’ > ‘Office Space’

Office Spaces are now merging with those ‘Eureka’ Environments, take time to reconsider your perfect workplace.  The Harvard Business Review found that employees thrive in co-working spaces, especially in comparison to the satisfaction levels in a regular office. Why are they so effective? They’re inhabited by a diverse community of professionals on their own ventures. The internal politics and competition that hangs over an office atmosphere are eliminated. Make work more meaningful and chat to likeminded people – help each other out!

Our Club and Square Works reaffirm a balance between prioritising your wellness and workload. I mean, working in a Georgian Townhouse located in a leafy green square already sounds idyllic. Better yet, these locations coincide to provide meeting rooms, break out spaces, regular stimulating events and wellness activities to enhance a productive working lifestyle. There’s always the potential for interaction in our workplaces, be it in a discussion over some food, popping along to our members’ parties or taking part in the committee. This work style environment will ensure flexibility between those seven dimensions, you’ll be skipping to work!






5.  Drop the guilt

With all these factors put in place, you’re set to start a solid balancing act. The aim is to feel positive about going to work and to finish your day feeling fulfilled. However, perfectionism and guilty conscience can sabotage all this progress. Kicking yourself for not completing that hefty to-do list and feeling tempted to work past your clock-out?

Don’t do it. DON’T check your emails past 6 pm. AVOID the work more; sleep less mentality – You’re not Margaret Thatcher, she definitely needed more than 4 hours sleep to run a nation. Non-awareness of your healthy limit will inflict burnout which will in turn taint tomorrows to-do list. You will get it all done and you’ll get it done at a greater quality tomorrow. Just use your last hour to plan how you’re going to tackle this [completely feasible] guilt trip tomorrow.


You’ve got this and to quote a meme, you’re doing great sweetie!








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