Suppliers Highlight: An Interview with Venetia Norrington

Venetia Norrington Photography

We are proud to work with some amazing wedding suppliers here at the Square Club: over the coming months we will be highlighting some of their incredible work here on our blog.

We were lucky enough to interview Venetia Norrington to get some insight into how she built her wedding photography business, her day-to-day work and her favourite aspects of her job.

Venetia Norrington Photography

How did you get started in the business?

By accident! I was a Project Manager for a big marketing communications agency – I had a responsible “proper” job, for clients such as Walkers Crisps with budgets in the millions – and I loved it. I bought myself a camera one Christmas and started capturing images of family and friends. My friend, a photographer, owned one of the biggest press photography companies in Europe and seeing my “snaps” told me I could do this for a living. I laughed… and the rest is history! When I started I didn’t know one end of a camera from another. It was in the days of film and I learnt through passion, persistence and plenty of clicks of the shutter.

What advice would you offer to those just starting out?

You will think your day will be spent taking pictures… it won’t be! The bottom line is you’re running a business. So, if you’re equipped to be an accountant, social media manager, marketing guru, customer service representative and project manager you’ll be fine!

What are your favourite wedding trends right now?

Wow… this is hard, as I’m not a follower of trends! My personal favourite is when couples follow their heart and have a wedding that truly reflects their personalities.
However… I am a sucker for a wedding dress with a difference. So I’m loving feathers coming through in statement dresses, and of course, the embroidered details that make gowns, oh so personal. And not forgetting the grooms, where we’re seeing velvet blazers, coloured suits and sharp cut tuxedos.
I have many great contacts in the styling industry, so we’ve got some fabulous styled shoots planned with drapes and streamers to add that bit of vibrance to décor.

Finally… the fact that sustainability seems to be on supplier’s mind, is a winner with me!

Venetia Norrington Photography

What is the best way to capture intimacy between nervous couples?

To start building that relationship with couples from day one. I always meet couples who enquire about booking me before we even discuss contracts. I want to ensure that we both feel comfortable and are going to get excited about seeing each other on “the big day” before we proceed. I am going to be there all day, be alongside you in some of the most intimate moments of your life and will undoubtedly see you in your underwear… we need to dig each other!
I also encourage all couples to have a pre-shoot. It’s weird for anyone, even those totally all over PDA’s to be intimate in front of a stranger, and this is even more important for couples who are nervous. This way we get to know each other, you feel how easy it is to be photographed by someone who feels like a friend, and the resulting images will give you confidence to rock the lens on your big day.

How do you prep for a wedding day?

Extensively! Someone’s wedding images are in your hands and so whilst people see a super-chilled, fun Venetia, this is something I take seriously. Charging batteries, formatting memory cards, packing, travelling the night before and more is all part of the hours that go in before you even pick up your camera. That and a good night’s sleep!

What is your favourite wedding flower?

This is the one area I would struggle with if I got married again as I am a lover of flowers and don’t know if I’d be able to choose. As with wedding gowns, I love something a little different so it would have to be ranunculi, orchids or anemones. Mind you, I always said I would have Lily of the Valley if I ever got married as they were my Grandma’s favourite, but they’re not really my style. Told you I’d struggle!


What is your favourite memory from a wedding you’ve worked?

What keeps me shooting weddings is those moments of connection I capture. The moment a couple catches sight of each other and it takes their breath away. When a bride’s Dad sees his “little girl” in her wedding gown and the memory of holding her in his arms as a baby come flooding back. And the look on a grandparent’s face when they realise this beautiful family originated from them and their love. These are the moments that touch me and the moments that make me shed a
tear. And the day I don’t I’ve vowed to hang up my camera and retire. I truly believe a couple’s big day is way too important to have it captured by someone who’s heart truly isn’t in it.

So there we have it! If you would like to see more of Venetia’s work, you can check out her website here.


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