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Local up-and-coming statement makers Sedated Society aren’t afraid to stir the proverbial pot. Inspired by dissent and social unrest, much of their music supports the counterculture Bristol is well-known for fostering. Maxwell Killing, Peter Nicholls, and Christopher Phee make up the trio. We sat down with frontman Phee to hear about the process of recording the group’s debut single, “Minister,” in partnership with local mental health charity, Seed Sessions.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your debut single, ‘Minister’?

The idea for the song stems from a break-up in which someone we know had to split from their partner, as U.K. legislation didn’t allow for them to remain here. Around that time, I was reading George Orwell’s 1984 and saw similar control and surveillance reflected within our current society. The brainwashing of the public in the book made me think of how effective propaganda from the Conservative party had been during Brexit.

You recorded your debut song ‘Minister’ with the help of Seed Sessions charity. Could you tell us a bit more about the charity & how the partnership with them came about?

Seed Sessions support male musicians through mental health counselling and providing opportunities to aid musical progression. We were lucky enough, amongst a few others to be picked for the dBs Institute recording session. Then, being picked for their showcase gig with Oscar Jerome was a dream come true. It was a real boost of confidence and self-belief, we can’t thank them enough.

Could you share some highlights or memorable moments from your studio session at dBs Pro studio in Bristol? How did the studio environment contribute to shaping the sound of ‘Minister’?

There were some magical moments that day. It was a massive privilege to have access to the studio at dBs. Seed Sessions were the reason we were able to record in such a nice place, we are eternally grateful for their help and the work they do.

In terms of shaping the sound in the studio, we had very little planned beforehand and no idea of the equipment they had. But, we were blessed with the level of premium quality tools in that place, which was dreamy, to say the least.

Bringing in our friend John Seagar to man the desk and produce for us was a big factor, it was really easy to communicate our vision with him and made the whole process a lot easier. A seriously magical moment was when Izzy from Seed Sessions told us we could support Oscar Jerome…we felt like a million dollars.

What are your thoughts on the Bristol creative scene and has this influenced your music?

I think the group instantly bonded over our favored genres such as 70’s rock, desert rock, blues, and contemporary genres of rock like alt, indie, etc. Bristol has a lot grunge, punk, and math rock, which is really great. Although we listen to those genres, they’re not easily identifiable in our music the way grunge is. So we are a minority in terms of genre in this area, which could be a good thing, I’m sure we’ll find out.

Now that you’ve released your debut single, what’s on the horizon for Sedated Society?

This year we will be announcing a single release, and a show to celebrate that. The big drop isn’t far behind though so stay with us. Can’t say any more than that.


You can listen to Sedated Society’s debut track ‘Minister’ on Spotify & Band Camp now! Recorded with the help of Bristol Charity Seed Sessions – A Bristol based charity that supports young male musicians through music and counselling sessions, as well as recording studio time at the amazing dBs Pro studio in central Bristol. You can purchase their debut single ‘Minister’ on Band Camp with all proceeds being donated back into the charity…

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