The Motherhood Community Meet-ups

Welcome to The Motherhood Community Meet-ups – a fun and supportive gathering of mothers from all walks of life!

  •  August 22, 2024
     10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Human Milk is an award-winning Brand and Global Education Movement for the Health and Lives of Mothers and Infants. 

Their mission is to save the lives and improve the health of mothers and children around the globe by making the remarkable science of human milk and breastfeeding common knowledge, supporting women to set and reach their own breastfeeding goals.


Welcome to The Motherhood Community Meet-ups. Join us at The Square Club for a fun and supportive gathering of mothers from all walks of life.

From pregnancy onwards, whether you are still breastfeeding or not, this monthly Human Milk meet-up is a place to get together and share our journeys as women and mothers.

A space to explore our transitions into motherhood, nurture ourselves as individuals within this transition, and make like-minded friends. Babes in arms are welcome.

We’ll build the meet-ups together as we go. Workshops, talks, mini photoshoots, breastfeeding support, focus groups, just tea and chats… All of the above? We have ideas. Let’s see what unfolds, based on what you fancy and what you need.

This first meet-up will be hosted at The Square Club by Jennifer Grace, our Community and Communications Manager, and Claire Tchaikowski, our Founder.

We’ll basically be there drinking tea and would love you to join us.



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