Workshop: Why digital gets stuck and how to unlock its full potential

What are the threats and opportunities to digitisation in the 21st century? We’ve got a free workshop 2-hour workshop organised by Rewrite Digital on at The Square, addressing those concerns and find out the best solutions for your organisation in the digital age.

  • June 19, 2019
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Organisations can get stuck thinking they are doing all they can, or everything that matters, in digital and do not recognise the gaps, opportunities and threats that they face. Even if understood by some within an organisation, getting leadership to acknowledge the gaps and commit budgets to change can be a huge stumbling block. Furthermore, a recent Celonis study of C-suite executives reveals that, of those who have already embarked on a transformation programme, 41% believe their efforts have been “a waste of time”, with poor planning, high costs and lack of organisation-wide involvement as top concerns.

Attend this 2-hour workshop organised by Rewrite Digital to address those concerns and find out the best solutions for your organisation.

Key takeaways of this interactive session:

  • What are the digital opportunities and threats facing organisations today?
  • What’s holding organisations back when it comes to digital?
  • What can be done to unlock the full potential of digital for organisations?
  • Hear first-hand from local organisations and share your questions in the panel Q&A

This event is free to attend. Coffee and tea will be provided. Grab your tickets here!

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