Weekends are the best. Private dining in Bristol is the best. Seeing friends and family is the best. Partying is also up there. With so many options available to you – we want to know what type of weekend person you are: the party animal socialite, the foodie or the hermit. Find out by answering below:

You’ve just got home from work on Friday night and put your feet up on the sofa. Then your friends phone to ask if you fancy going out for a drink. Do you:

A) You’ve already put your shoes back on and are halfway out of the door.

B) You’re tempted if they throw in the possibility of dinner – wine always tastes better with food!

C) You’ve sunken so far into the comfy part of the sofa there is no way you’re moving (not even for wine).

Private dining in Bristol

It’s Saturday morning and you are:

A) Still in bed with a sore head.

B) Making a delicious weekend breakfast alongside a rich blend coffee on the stove.

C) Up early to go for a run before everyone wakes up.

For you, Saturday night means:

A) Friends, drinks and dancing.

B) Either having a dinner party at your house with all dishes made from scratch or going out for a relaxed meal with good company.

C) Snuggling up on a comfy chair with a hot drink and good book.

private dining in bristol

Sundays are for:

A) Watching a film with friends while nursing your (now two day) hangover. There must be snacks and maybe a hair of the dog…did someone say bloody mary?

B) One thing: roast dinners. Private dining in Bristol never tasted so good..

C) Long baths and napping.

Private dining in Bristol


Mostly A’s – You’re a party animal socialite.

There is nothing that can come between you and the party. Often the first on the dancefloor and the last to leave – you’re always surrounded by a gaggle of great mates and usually have a drink in your hand. You’re fun to be around and always the life and soul of the celebration!

The Square knows how to throw a party and NYE is going to be our biggest one yet.

Mostly B’s – You’re a foodie.

One of life’s simple pleasures is enjoying good food, in good company. It makes everyone feel warm inside and is your favourite communal activity. You love to cook, trying new recipes whenever you can and sourcing local, fresh produce.

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy Private dining in Bristol then check out our availability.

Mostly C’s – You’re a hermit.

Your favourite place to be is in your own company, maybe with a cat and also probably a good book. If you become a member at The Square you can be involved as much (or as little!) as you wish – but most importantly for your hermit nature if you join here you get unlimited tea and coffee for those afternoons you just want to kick back and sink into a comfortable sofa.

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